Our Positive Projects

We are a matrix of local impact projects, interconnected and governed by the same ecofeminist vision that drives us. We evolve in partnership with local associations, in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Palma and Marseille on intercultural and intersectional projects.


Berlin.....our witch garden

Reading authors like Vandana Shiva inspired us and made us want to reclaim our seeds and learn how to grow our own food, to emancipate ourselves from the giants of the food industry.
With who ? The intercultural center for women Susi and the shared garden of the French center in Berlin.
What ? A garden of vegetables and medicinal plants grown in permaculture.

Contact to learn more : positivelab@protonmail.com

Berlin... reclaim the street

Sticking is a way to reclaim public space (without damaging public property unlike tags do) and communicate strong messages to reach as many people as possible. We paste ecofeminist messages but also against violence against women and for sisterhood and inclusion. 
To join us : positivelab@protonmail.com


Berlin... Demo

We use to join local collectives to demonstrate and fight for the rights of queer people, women and life on earth. 
To join us
: positivelab@protonmail.com

Berlin...Writing Workshops

After a cycle of ecofeminist workshops in 2021, we are starting a new cycle of queer writing workshops. Details coming soon.